Am I an Athlete?

This topic came up again for me recently while I was on a run with a friend of mine. She read my latest newsletter and commented that when she reads the word “athlete” in my articles and blogs she thinks… “Well that’s not me. Sure, I’m training for this little 10k trail run… but I’m not an athlete.” This was not the first time I had heard these words. When I refer to the athletes participating in one of my workshops I can pick out the people who aren’t yet ready to take on that identity. I say “athlete” and they kind of move their shoulders a bit, shift (almost) imperceptibly in their seat, raise their eyebrows with a tiny smirk that quickly crosses their face and I imagine they are saying “Yeah… maybe the rest of these people in here are athletes, but not me!” (Sound familiar?) Those folks look around and perceive that there are the “real athletes” in the room… and then there’s me.
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