Quick guidelines on goal setting

Goal Setting

Setting goals is simple, accomplishing them can be difficult. First, don’t ensure your own failure by setting a goal that can’t be achieved. How do you know if you’re setting an unachievable goal? One thing people do is set goals where the outcome is beyond their control. It’s much harder to accomplish a goal that depending on the actions of others to achieve the goal. Try setting goals which rely on your own individual performance, not the outcome of any one event. These goals will have a higher probability of being reached. Try to set goals that are based on things which are under your control.

Here are some quick guidelines for setting goals:

  • Setting daily or weekly goals
  • setting long-term and career goals
  • Set performance related goals
  • Develop a mission behind what you do
  • Write down your goals

Most importantly, reward yourself for your accomplishments, once you achieve you goal, do something special for yourself to acknowledge all your hard work.