Sport Psychology


The performance enhancement training program first helps you identify your mental strengths and weakness following an initial assessment. The individualized program is developed with the goal of helping you increase the probability of achieving success. The individualized program will help you systematically learn the mental skills necessary for successful sport outcomes.

I help athletes develop a number of different important mental skills including, but not limited to:
• Mental skill assessment and development
• Teaching skills in relaxation
• Addressing issues with motivation
• Improving concentration
• Learning how to set and achieve goals
• Developing effective performance routines


I assist individual in achieving the optimal emotional state for performance. I do this by:
• Helping the athlete learn the emotions associated with successful performance
• Teaching the athlete how to create emotional states associated with successful performance
• Utilizing heart rate variability (HRV) based biofeedback to assist the athlete in obtaining the emotional state associated with successful performance
• The athlete is taught how to create the emotional state in session, during practice and during competition
• Athletes are taught how to apply mindfulness techniques in order to facilitate helpful thoughts and emotional states


I also work collaboratively with athletes to address:
• How to improve communication among coaches, family members and teammates
• How to balance multiple roles in their sport, family and life
• Issues with chronic pain and substance abuse
• Clinical issues such as depression and anxiety
• Unhealthy eating patterns
• Recovering from an injury
• Sport career termination
• Issues related to self-esteem and personal self-worth


I offer services in sport concussion management. I assist with return to play decisions. I utilize both computer testing as well as a traditional neuropsychological battery to help evaluate the injury.

Athletes can chose to complete a brief, baseline neurocognitive evaluation using the ImPACT Concussion Management Software. This provides information on baseline cognitive functioning prior to any head injury.